Health Information Technology and the Shift to Value-Based Care

Guest Author: William Johns | June 21, 2018

The US healthcare market is rapidly changing the way it compensates providers for medical services and this trend has significant consequences for healthcare information technology companies. In...

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Patient Portals: An Open Door For Patient Engagement

OmniMD | June 05, 2018
The healthcare industry’s perspective towards patient engagement has changed drastically. Data compiled two years ago suggests that patient engagement through a portal was a big issue as there was...
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The Importance of UX Design in HealthIT

OmniMD | April 10, 2018

UX (user experience) design in healthcare has been gaining quite a bit of traction throughout the years. In the healthcare industry, poor usability and design aren't just frustrating, it can lead...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Claims Get Rejected

OmniMD | April 06, 2018

Payers are constantly changing their rules, regulations, and standards which leads to a complex billing process. These complexities are leading to the imminent decline in reimbursements and a rise...

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Improving The Urgent Care Process Through Technologies And Patient Experience

OmniMD | March 29, 2018

Urgent care plays a significant role in today’s healthcare industry. When a patient is in pain or in need of immediate medical care, an urgent care clinic is a great alternative to a hospital. It...

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EHR Reimagined: OmniMD adds artificial intelligence and machine learning to its EHR and RCM solutions

OmniMD | March 26, 2018

OmniMD, a leading provider of integrated Health IT platforms and services for medical practices incorporates AI and machine learning into its EHR and RCM solutions for medical practices. When...

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Innovations and Calculated Risks in the EHR industry

OmniMD | March 15, 2018

For most of us, we have seen the computer grow from a simple soup of vacuum tubes and wires into a complex intelligent ecosystem that changes by the second. Technology vendors who do not adapt to...

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Clinical & RCM Integrated Data Exchange: Opportunity for Growth

OmniMD | February 20, 2018

When thinking of EHRs, we usually think solely about the clinicians or the clinical elements; we are not always considering the revenue cycle management process being integrated and working...

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Clinical Decision Support Systems: The Shift From Volume to Value

OmniMD | February 14, 2018

Since the days of Hippocrates, delivering safe and quality care has been the aim of all providers. With requirements shifting from volume to value based care (VBC), improvement in better patient...

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How to Survive in the Healthcare Business

OmniMD | February 06, 2018

The short answer: Adapt...

The revolution happening in the healthcare system is creating challenges as well as opportunities for current healthcare players and new participants. If existing...

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