Experiencing Patient Health Improvement with EHRs

Hitender Soni | September 19, 2018


By now, most healthcare practices have made the move to electronic health records (EHRs). While some EHRs can be confusing and difficult to work with, mastering their capabilities can lead to a...

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Nurses Play Important Role in EHR Implementation

Hitender Soni | September 18, 2018


The transition to electronic health records (EHR) can be difficult for physicians, but the nursing staff can help to make the change easier. If the nurses are smart enough then it makes...

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Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your EHR Software

Hitender Soni | September 17, 2018

We have heard a lot about EHRs contributing to physician burnout. Here are five ways of using your EHR to make it work for, not against you.

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5 Questions to Ask an EHR Vendor Before Signing

admin | September 04, 2018


Why do so many practices and providers stick with an EHR they probably hate? Because researching vendors and navigating the complexities of system requirements, attestation capabilities and data...

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Is Your Practice Ready for Machine Learning?

OmniMD | August 23, 2018

Machine learning is poised to revolutionize healthcare, or at least make it a whole lot easier and more scalable. It is already being used to predict:

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Predictive Analytics and Improved Healthcare Outcomes

OmniMD | August 01, 2018

Predictive analytics can be used effectively to evaluate massive data generated within the healthcare industry. Predictive analytics is a process that uses machine learning to analyze data and...

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Who Moved My Cheese? How EHRs Can Help Physicians Adapt to a Rapidly Changing Healthcare System

OmniMD | July 24, 2018

“Who Moved My Cheese,”  a delightful parable published in 1998 by Spencer Johnson, is a narrative about the seismic shifts in global business and technology that disrupted conventional views of...

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Health Information Technology and the Shift to Value-Based Care

Guest Author: William Johns | June 21, 2018

The US healthcare market is rapidly changing the way it compensates providers for medical services and this trend has significant consequences for healthcare information technology companies. In...

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Patient Portals: An Open Door For Patient Engagement

OmniMD | June 05, 2018
The healthcare industry’s perspective towards patient engagement has changed drastically. Data compiled two years ago suggests that patient engagement through a portal was a big issue as there was...
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The Importance of UX Design in HealthIT

OmniMD | April 10, 2018

UX (user experience) design in healthcare has been gaining quite a bit of traction throughout the years. In the healthcare industry, poor usability and design aren't just frustrating, it can lead...

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