The Benefits of AI-Enabled EHRs


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Artificial Intelligence (AI), where computers accomplish tasks that are typically presumed to involve human intelligence, is at present being discussed in nearly every industry.

These days, AI is a new trend that has majorly impacted many industries and healthcare is one of them, which is affected in a very positive manner. This technology is going to bring new a era of healthcare.

This change has created major opportunities for the use of artificial intelligence. Business experts see the potential AI-based features within EHR systems. The extensive use of this digital health data helps in better and advanced healthcare.

AI is the next phase of electronic health records (EHRs). Going forward, every EHR will come up with AI and the one who misses this boat will be obsolete from the market.

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Major Benefits of Using AI in EHR Systems

Helps With Diagnosis and Treatment

AI-enabled systems can help providers diagnose and treat different diseases. They can use historical data and patient symptoms to identify and predict future illness. It can also suggest the high-paying CPT codes for the identified disease so providers can maximize their earning potential as well.

Reduces Human Error

AI-enabled systems suggest all required information which reduces human interaction, leading to less human error. It also alerts the user if the user is trying to treat, which may cause a problem for patients. So, it also takes care of patient safety.

Cost Efficient

AI-enabled systems automate the routine workflow of practices and somewhat eliminate the need for additional support staff.

Improves Productivity

AI-enabled systems automate repetitive tasks. As a result, it increases the productivity of different users of the practice as they significantly help to save the staff time they would otherwise spend on repetitive tasks.

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